If you've spent any time on Instagram recently, then you've probably noticed your fair share of shoe selfies on super fantastic floors. You *may* have even seen some of us take advantage of the terrific tile at the Durham Hotel. This is in fact a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon but if there are two things we can get behind, great interiors and fabulous shoes are definitely them! 

Flooring, like soil tends to be taken for granted. Why? Well we do walk on it. . . But a beautiful foundation can be the making of a room. Take for instance the brass "vein" detail in this Munich bar - working not only as a beautiful detail but also as a means of way-finding, leading the visitor inside. Set into concrete, we would happily follow the brassy sheen towards a glass of wine. 


While herringbone patterns are classic in wood, they appear to be less popular in tile these days. Instead, a new bolder and bigger twist on the old faithful hexagon seems to be hugely popular in the residential design world. We love it in this bathroom, don't you? A simple black and white color scheme made much more interesting with the introduction of this shapely flooring.


Beautiful + durable. What more could you ask for? Well, we think "more is more" and so we could ask for more pattern! Thankfully flooring manufacturers have heard our wishes and are now creating all sorts of highly detailed, mosaic-like, historically based designs. We love that patterned (and textured) tiles give us the look of area rugs but with much easier clean-up, making them perfect for high traffic areas like halls & entryways. 


Using chips of marble, quartz, and sometimes even glass Terazzo floors have been around in some form since the time of the ancient Romans (the word means terrace in Italian). As an amalgamate of various materials, it is easy to make and comes in as many variations as there are stars in the sky. You'll often find this material on everything from floors to fireplace surrounds and sometimes even countertops in area homes built between the 50s & 70s - those vintage elements are keepers!

We hope this encourages you to take a bit more notice of the flooring surfaces you trod daily and of course if you need help choosing any new finishes, we would be happy to help. Simply e-mail to inquire about our design services. 

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