Of all the local breweries that have popped up over the last few years in the Triangle, Ponysaurus is one of our favorites. With fantastic snacks (we chose a roll of Thin Mints for the evening), ample seating in a great location close to Downtown, a nightly food truck, and of course fantastic beer, we met up with Alison Domnas and one of 2018’s newest additions to the RED team, Jimmy Keegan. Our Susan Ungerleider and Samantha Greaves came along for the ride and the Biere de Garde too.

Rock Climbing realtor Alison began her professional career as a lawyer but found that it was too formal a practice for her. Turning her hand to real estate allowed her the freedom to meet more people, which is why she loves the field so much. Helping clients navigate through the often confusing aspects of buying or selling a home, she ends up becoming friends with most everyone she works with or in her words “basically, they’re all people I would invite to a party.” 

Susan, Alison & Samantha

Susan, Alison & Samantha

On any given weekend you can find Alison (when she’s not showing houses) on a boulder somewhere trying to scale it. She’s been rock climbing for over 15 years now and while her best experience thus far has been in Chattanooga, she’s got big plans for all the world’s best hiking and climbing spots. Check out her instagram to see more!

Jimmy serendipitously arrived in the area thanks to his wife who is currently finishing up her PhD at Duke’s Graduate Program in Religion and we couldn’t be more stoked to have this fresh face on board. He loves Durham because there is no artifice, just freaking cool. He and Alison met at CrossFit and formed a quick bond over their love of the outdoors and their collective fondness for chinos. Note: on most days this pair tend to coordinate their outfits unintentionally. From Montana to NC Jimmy says: "I have the ideal job, I love the people of Durham and enjoy helping neighbors." 


A few highlights from our Ponysaurus hangout:

Both being voracious readers, what are you into now?

J: “Stiff” by Mary Roach. About cadavers, cool!”

Soomsoom Pita  is a crowd favorite!

Soomsoom Pita is a crowd favorite!

A: “Just finished “The Fifth Season” by N.K. Jemisin”


Favorite local brew?

J: “Gose” especially on a hot NC summer day”

A: “Rye Pale Ale” with the chocolate malt balls!”


Any upcoming travels?

J: “We’re hiking a section of the Camino de Santiago trail this summer! Cafe con leche and wine is how I plan to stay fueled.”

A: “Two super cool trips this summer - one to Colorado for some alpine climbing and the other to British Columbia for kayaking and (you guessed it) rock climbing.

Alison believes that finding a house is a bit like getting married: “when its right, its just right and you know it!” Thanks to this terrific 'tude she's one of Indy Week's finalists for Best Realtor in Durham alongside our Connie Semans! To vote click *here*.