This time of the year our Broker in Charge, Connie Semans, can often be found on the porch at the back of Parker & Otis. Over lattes at her favorite spot, we discovered a few things we never knew and realized Connie’s love for all things music related.

Connie met her husband Truman (aka Tommy) on a dance floor in a dive bar in Georgetown. Shouldn’t all good stories start out that way? They’ve been married now for over 20 years and lived in Durham for most of that time. Initially making their home in the Trinity Park neighborhood, they’ve raised their three children (Tucker, Annabelle, and Wilder) in Forest Hills for the past 12 years which is pretty remarkable considering their initial plan was 2 years in NC - just long enough for Truman to complete his MBA.

As you can imagine (or remember perhaps), a lot has changed in recent years for the Bull City. Connie loves that Durham seems to be regaining its sense of purpose and direction. Being a realtor allows her to be right in the middle of that and at this point it would “take dynamite” to get her to move. Having said that, one of the Semans family’s favorite things about the Triangle is its easy proximity to various destinations throughout the South. Whether its a short trip to camp at a music festival or hike a quarry, or even a longer trip to the family’s historic homestead outside Charlottesville; you’ll find fantastic music on repeat - which is why we couldn’t help but ask Connie and the kids to share their favorites in a road trip playlist.

Lots of questions over lattes:

Favorite hangouts in Durham? The Eno River, the Nasher Museum, & the Regulator Bookshop (but her go-to is P & O).

Favorite spots for grub in Durham? Luna for dinner with the kids, the Refectory Cafe for regular lunches, and the Parlor downtown for dessert.

Any hobbies? Canning/Preserves - everything from dilly beans to freeze dried Chantarelle mushrooms foraged from hikes in the area.


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Latest Reads: “Hillbilly Elegy”. . .prefers listening to podcasts (i.e. “This American Life” or “Freakonomics”) & audio books - just finished “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”.

With all this love for Durham and beyond, Connie is one of the best when it comes to helping you find your family’s forever home. Check out her latest listing “Farm Gate Foxy” in historic Hillsborough NC.

Connie's  latest listing  is in Hillsborough's "Fox Hill Farm" neighborhood

Connie's latest listing is in Hillsborough's "Fox Hill Farm" neighborhood


Need a midweek pick-me-up? Parker & Otis is the place. A fixture in Durham for as long as we can remember, this is always one of the best spots to browse locally made brands, carefully sourced luxuries (ssshhhh we have a weakness for the perfume section), and fantastic gift ideas. While you’re waiting for your lunch or coffee, flip through some of the laugh-out-loud cards in the stationary area, choose a bottle of vino for the evening, or have a seat with Connie and ask her to tell you more about her favorite Durham neighborhoods - we promise she’s always ready to share!

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