Decorating with Houseplants & SHOP LOVE: The Zen Succulent

They say “plants make people happy” and we couldn’t agree more! Not only do green leaves cheer up virtually any space visually, they also contribute to indoor air quality and add an extra layer of texture to your interior. Here are a few of our favorite varieties:

-POTHOS vine: Yep, we’re certain your mom has one of these and yet it is still one of the most intrinsically cool plants around. Easy to grow, super fun to style, and incredibly simple to root, instead of buying one of these babies, just snip a bit from Mom’s and put in a vase full of water in a sunny spot for a few weeks and voila you’ll have your own.


-SNAKE plant: Known to some as a “Mother-in-law’s Tongue” (we hope that name doesn’t resonate with you), this leaf has a distinctly modern vibe and looks great in virtually any container. She may be sharp but she doesn’t need a whole lot of light, even artificial will do, so use it to brighten up spaces that tend to need it like basement studios and hall baths.

-ALOE: a succulent and water wise plant, aloe is also the perfect treatment for minor cuts, scrapes and burns. So if you have kiddos who always seem to be coming in from the playground with little mishaps, this plant could be your ticket to teaching them to love nature at a young age. Plus, this is one of those beauties that actually grows better when you go on vacation and forget to water it!

-CHRISTMAS cactus: Another easy to root plant, this beauty may be a tad on the traditional side but her blooms make the holiday season shine. Be careful if you have pets though as the flowers tend to fall pretty easily and are poisonous to cats and dogs.

-Phalaenopsis ORCHID: Ok ok they’re a bit cliche in Modern interiors and we’ve all seen a few too many of them in Dwell magazine but to make a shelfie really pop, display them en masse. We’re talking go big or go home on a window sill or in a high light sunroom. Don’t be intimidated as this is the easiest orchid to grow, just don’t love it/overwater it TOO much!


-CALATHEA TRIOSTAR: Say that three times real fast. We’re head over heels for this leafy green because of her pink color of course! That tint of variegation on the leaves will actually turn if you place her in direct light so instead opt for a bedside table, a bookshelf, or a countertop where naturally rays are filtered.

Have you been to Durham’s the ZEN SUCCULENT? The mother and daughter team of Margaret and Megan began their brand in 2012 when the terrarium rage was just dawning. Then in 2016 they opened the doors of their downtown shop and have been merchandising plant shelfies ever since. In fact, you may have seen them on HGTV on the DIY network, or in OurState magazine. Pop into the shop for a botanical pick-me-up Wednesday - Sunday where you’ll find local products like GOOD DIRT potting mix and ceramics from FACTURE GOODS of Vogue Living fame. Don’t forget to follow their instagram for endless green thumb inspiration and tag us in your next houseplant #shelfie.

PS: for endless plant inspo visit Urban Jungle Gardener’s blog *here*

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