Greener Grass

You know how some people are all about the bass? Well we’re all about the color and Susan’s prediction for 2019’s favorite palette is: green green green.

circle 3.jpg

Using inspiration from nature’s favorite hue, we love a color scheme that incorporates a variety of shades as well as textures (especially velvet) and rich prints (think malachite-like organic forms). The color of balance and growth, though often identified with envy, in Feng Shui practices it is believed that using green will invite good luck and fresh energy.

circle 1.jpg

While the most appetizing colors are warm reds and oranges (consider every fast-food sign you can think of), green is not an appetite suppressant like black or gray so it may be just the ticket in your kitchen. Cabinets? Wallpaper? Backsplash? We recommend pairing green with gold, black, dark wood tones, and a cool white.

If you have a green thumb, combining varying shades of green will come naturally to you but if you need a little more push before getting started, Chloe is currently enthralled with the pioneer Hilma af Klint’s artwork. On exhibit at the Guggenheim through April, the 20th century abstract artist never showed her paintings or sketches to the public in her lifetime, but meticulously planned for their posthumous view. For her, green was the composite of male and female form and her art was inspired by her private mystical experiences. Look to her paintings for advice on accent colors like mauve (yes, we just said mauve), mustard, and scarlet.

For more information on RED’s design services, reach out to Susan or Chloe and they’ll start planning your dream interior just as soon as you’ve given them the GREEN light.

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