In the last couple of years, black paint has become a trend in both interiors & exteriors. But while black is bold and daring and we DO encourage you to use it, here are a few tips to keep from going overboard:

Only do it in well-lit rooms! Dramatic is great but the color absorbs light so make sure you have a safe balance of natural and artificial light so as to not impact the room’s intended usage.

Pair it with lighter colors! Think crisp whites and rich greens. Whether you choose to accent your black walls with a white ceiling or simply a lot of houseplants, creating a sense of balance amongst your pigments is essential.

Go for it! No, like REALLY. You’ve made a big choice, own it. Mix in a lot of gold, add patterns, paint everything. Don’t hesitate.

Go green with no VOC paint from Colorhouse (it even comes in recycled containers). We dig “Kitchen Black Onyx, Eggshell”.

Still hesitant? We'd love to help you design a color palette, get in touch: