Sweet Boylan Heights, a historic Raleigh neighborhood positioned on the skirts of Downtown Raleigh.

Raleigh's Contemporary Art Museum

Raleigh's Contemporary Art Museum

The journey begins at Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum -– better known as CAM Raleigh if you begin your walk through the Raleigh Depot pavilion, stopping inside the chocolate factory (yes, chocolate factory) for a Videri treat on your way, and walk up W. Cabarrus St., to the right, west, and straight back, for about three minutes, you will happen upon a quaint borough. . .a hive for creative thinkers and a haven for obscure every-day collectors housing unique objects inside.

Videri Chocoate Factory,  photo courtesy of  Our State Magazine

Videri Chocoate Factory, photo courtesy of Our State Magazine

A few of our favorite spots:  

Rebus Works is a quirky gallery and frame shop that has been an integral part of the neighborhood since 2003. The business hosts an open artesian farmers market each Saturday, where you can pick up sprouts, soaps, lettuces, and local cheese. If you’re lucky they will even have a brunch offering from a local chef. Rebus Works also hosts other special events that almost always feature food trucks sometimes wrestling matches and sometimes horses. Yep, you read that correctly.

Marina of  Bosetti Art Tile ,  photo courtesy of Elena Caron

Marina of Bosetti Art Tile, photo courtesy of Elena Caron

When going on a pre-dinner walk Boylan residents often stop by a three-person artists pottery studio on Lenoir Street. Fancy a free string concert? Make it a point to swing by on a first Friday and you might just find it. Local creatives Liz Kelly + Gretchen Quinn + Marina Bosetti are the artists working in the space.

For the days when you wake up needing a new do, Boylan residents can walk down the street to a neighborhood styling salon.  Boylan Heights Studio: a group of independent stylists working together to create an en vogue community.

Cocktails taste better with  Crude Bitters  = Fact!

Cocktails taste better with Crude Bitters = Fact!

Hoping for a Great Gatsby-esque night out? A mecca for cocktails is just down the way.  Crude Bitters NC's first bitters company, their products are for both the professional and amateur enthusiast, aptly described as 'with or without suspenders,' classic and new-age. Crafted in small batches with organic, non-GMO alcohol, and without  glycerin, chemicals or dyes using exclusively glass pots or wood barrels for aging storage.

If you adore this area as much as we do, then chances are you’re into antiquity. Perfect. There’s a treasure trove of  stores in the area filled with antique furniture, relics, and delicately crafted novelties. Try Holder Goods for a start.  

Shopping and design inspiration at  Holder Goods

Shopping and design inspiration at Holder Goods

A neighborhood is barely complete without a neighborhood, know you by your name, coffee and bread shop. Agreed? Another reason why Boylan Heights hits high on our list of Triangle neighborhoods. Boulted Bread is a bright, rustic-chic bakery selling artisan breads, from French levain and rustic baguettes to a Nordic rye and handcrafted pastries.

Stop by early for the best selection at  Boulted Bread

Stop by early for the best selection at Boulted Bread

As you circumnavigate the neighborhood radius, you might be pleased to discover that it borders Raleigh’s greenway, giving one quick and easy access to 300 plus acres of green at Dix Park, and a traffic free connection to hotspots like NC State University and the NC Art Museum.

With craftsman-style architecture and all the city’s offerings within close proximity, Boylan Heights is one of RED’s favorite areas.

The Assemblage Studio