Stepping into the cozy, neutral hued store with raw wooden display tables and cabinets, draped with hammered rose gold encircled Colombian Emeralds, or red and green Tourmaline, even Amethyst and Australian Opals, you get the sense that magic is happening.

Jeweler Lauren Ramirez will tell you that she is not attracted to shifty crazes and trends. Rather, she believes in the preservation and creation of heirlooms that are multi-generational. As she mentioned in an interview with Oak City Hustle, “years ago I focused solely on designing for my own survival. That produced some interesting things that, to my horror, still exist in the world.  Now I’d say my drive to make anything stems from my desire to hone my craft.”

That’s the gem-type mentality that anyone should have when creating: an open mindedness that stays welcome to possibility and drive within the scope of client wishes and market expectations.   


The next time you’re in downtown Raleigh, be sure to stop into Quercus. Lauren frequently holds “meet the maker” events in her space with guest artists who produce exquisite hand-crafted items, including but not limited to hand-carved wooden knives, copper glazed raku vessels, leather wallets and holding goods, and pocket handkerchiefs. Quercus is also a destination during Raleigh’s monthly First Friday art walk, providing another opportunity to visit the magic.

The Assemblage Studio