The geometric visions of Raleigh’s Kathleen Dautel


It is pretty safe to safe that if it is red or shiny or has something to do with architecture, then we collectively love it, which is why on any given day you’re likely to find one of us wearing a piece from Raleigh maker, Kathleen Dautel of Spark Metal Studio.

Kathleen Mattingly Dautel photo.jpg

Kathleen grew up in Oregon where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1993. From there she chose to pursue a degree in Architecture at North Carolina State University after receiving a fellowship to attend. She worked for several years at some of the most notable firms in the area while also teaching at the university. It was there that she serendipitously met our Susan Ungerleider and the two become fast friends. Note: this post was researched over wine with the two of them and lots and lots and lots of laughter.

Moving from architectural to jewelry design was a natural migration led by the materials Kathleen knew and understood like stainless steel and resin. A return to natural forms and a medium that she’d known since college, Kathleen currently sells her metal jewelry nationwide in anywhere from 35-100 stores at any given moment.

As it is the gift-giving time of the year, here are a few of our favorite items from Spark. Shop pieces from her collection on UNCOMMON GOODS where we love seeing gift items made by the inexplicably talented artisans of North Carolina and beyond.

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