• Red Collective
  • 03/25/19
A lover of music (cue the 90’s R&B y’all), Tiffany Warren can often be found at Durham’s Beyu on a Saturday night, so this jazzy Main Street spot was her choice for our afternoon latte and convo.

She grew up in Roxboro, NC just north of Durham. A dancer since the age of six and extremely committed to all that she sets her sights on, Tiffany started her first job at just fifteen. After college she was determined to explore outside North Carolina and attended NOVA Southeastern, but like so many of us, she felt the pull of that place called home. So she returned to the area in part to help take care of her grandparents and in part to join the RED family (even if she didn’t know that at the time).

Fascinated by structures and design, Tiffany gives new meaning to the term “self starter”. After lots of thought and research Real Estate became her calling because she enjoys seeing how houses, neighborhoods, and communities change over the years. Why choose RED? Because she wanted the camaraderie of a boutique agency - the kind of friendly, warm and helpful atmosphere you wouldn’t get from larger firms. “I like learning as I go” she shares. A runner, a dancer, and a volunteer who relishes giving back to her community, her be all end all goal is to create a non-profit space in which people could come share their love of movement. Tiffany absolutely loves how Durham has evolved in recent decades and is ecstatic to share all it has to offer with new residents. 21C Museum Hotel and Duke Gardens are two of her favorite hot spots in the Bull City but she adores seeing new venues, restaurants, and stores.
open up regularly in our thriving Southern town. Cheerfully she quips: “I’m really hoping for a big family vacation this year” and then instantaneously her incredible work ethic kicks in and she jokes: “but I’m also hoping I’m too busy selling houses to be able to go.” Same Tiffany, same.
As one of our newest agents, the entire RED team has been bowled over by her moxie, her smile, and her heart. Now though, we’ve also been astounded by her moves. Check it out and join us in being fan girls|boys.

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At RED, we feel it is important to stay engaged with our community. That is why we are committed to prioritizing volunteer opportunities and also offer a portion of our annual sales income to local nonprofits in the Triangle. Please contact us to learn more.

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