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  • 11/9/20

With Allie Pendleton

While making snickerdoodles, Allie and Shayla welcomed us into their home on a rainy Autumn afternoon for this bit of our CONVERSATION segment. They’re newlyweds who met in April 2018 and quickly realized their shared love of running, food and music entwined their future. Shayla moved to NC in September of last year and the two were married on August 7th in a surprise wedding in the midst of allllll the Covid protocols.

​​​​​​​In a contemporary house that has quickly become an inspired home due to Allie’s keen eye, she’s currently working as one of our newest RED agents and favorite personalities. The house tour began in the kitchen as so many things central to life do, where Allie recounted her brief stint as a baker in college and Shayla her childhood memories of baking with grandma. Nowadays, with Allie’s 15 year old Zachary in tow, they’re jointly navigating the world of foodie life amidst a global pandemic. They order frequently from Lantern and Carrburritos while making all in one day trips to Weaver Street Market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s on the weekend for carefully planned meals.

How has it been having a new familial set-up while in quarantine?

Shayla: the house has been designed for everyone to have their own space so while we miss our family and friends, we never feel right on top of one another, which makes it extremely easy.

Allie, why did you get into Real Estate?

I love all houses and the ways they change and adapt over time, and I also love coaching people through all sorts of challenges - from training for races to buying and selling a beloved home. With this house, I didn’t do any renovations until I had a vision for each space. Sometimes you really need to get to know a space and have it tell you what it wants to do and how it can best fit your needs at a time. I love sharing that potentiality with clients now. ​​​​​​​

What are the signature components that you think make your home so uniquely cozy right now?

Shayla: The homemade food we enjoy every day. I start prepping for dinner usually around 5pm (sometimes earlier for prep when schedule allows) every day and we’re all actively taking part in the meal planning, which is a huge part of our time together.

Allie: we’re surrounded by the things that we love and remind us of our love for one another - from art I’ve created to our guinea pig, our books and furniture that we’ve collected and had passed down to us, and music that reminds us of concerts we’ve attended together.

Shayla: and our photos and memorabilia from our years as competitive athletes

As we wrapped up our convo, the scent from the second batch of buttery cinnamon cookies began to waft throughout the top portion of this haven in the trees, the perfect family home where joy seems delightfully compulsory and oh so yum.

To read more about Allie and to enlist her abundant knowledge and electric personality in your home search, visit:

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