Wild, Stir-Crazy Nesting Ideas

Wild, Stir-Crazy Nesting Ideas

  • Red Collective
  • 04/28/20

We’re All Mad Here

By now most of us have been in our homes for several weeks. There is something about staring at the same walls exclusively for that long of a period that begins to drive the average person a little wacky. For the aesthete or new homeowner (or the pregnant) it may mean a nesting phase arises and with it, the chance to complete all those DIYs that you already have the ingredients for. Or perhaps take on a new renovation, even if that only entails a daydreamt Pinterest board or magazine dog ears. If you are one of those productive folks who have now “touched” up one area of your home only to find that it makes all the other areas look dingy, then this post is especially for you.
In honor of economics and our planet, instead of writing a blog telling you how you simply HAVE TO HAVE “this new sofa” or you NEED this tile for that NECESSARY bathroom reno, we thought we would switch tack and instead chat about using what you have and flipping things around in order to create a new look as well as a greener home. We’ve scoured the internet (and that pile of magazines in the corner) looking for the best ideas to harness and focus the wackiness we’re all universally feeling! Here goes:

Paint a Door

We mean it. Something wild too. A color or pattern you’ll be stoked to come home to when this is all over. If you’re a renter, washi tape works great for this idea too!

Flip the Switch

No, we don’t mean on Tik Tok. We mean the rugs and the walls. Flip things on end with a kilim or a colorful berber as new art. It creates texture, helps with sound absorption, and takes up lots of space without lots of holes in the wall. Flip it even further by painting a piece of canvas for the floors.

Wallpaper Bedlam Style

Remember that scene in “How To Make An American Quilt” when Anne Bancroft covers her laundry room with pieces of plates she’s broken while hurling them at her cheating husband? Well we don’t recommend that, but if now isn’t the time to go ga-ga then when is?! We recommend a hall bath, laundry or coat closet for this bit of cuckoo. Paint a print or decoupage old sewing patterns. If you’ve already wallpapered something and have some leftovers you’re hung up on, why not frame them for a big bang and a strain of consistency?!

Neutralize a Room

We love color (especially one in particular) but right now visual chaos can feed the mental monsters. Here’s a great idea to help you relax – take your smallest room, maybe the guest bedroom or that weird “sitting room” in the front of the house and pull everything out that isn’t neutral. Maybe steal a few items from other rooms to add softness or soothing light and voila: your very own retreat space. Treat yourself to a humidifier or a sweet candle and take a nap here. Do some yoga. Read poetry. Write a letter to your mom. Eat cake while hiding from the kids. Commit to no screens in this area. Cry. Whatever works.

Face the Day & Make Matisse Proud

It is all the rage and soon may be a trend that will go by the wayside but considering Henri is still one of our favorite artists over a hundred years after the Fauves caused a ruckus in a gallery, we say “get on the bandwagon”. Paint a face on something. Make it a self portrait or the likeness of the person you miss the most. And if Matisse isn’t your man, go bananas and do something Warholesque instead.

Become a Clean Freak

We totally understand and can empathize if you’re too busy cleaning up after little people and new pets to think about decorating. So while your pantry may never look like an influencer’s, now may indeed be the time to throw out the cardboard and plastic in favor of storing solutions with a longer shelf life. A clothesline is also recommended for conserving energy, saving moola, and setting up picture-perfect selfies when you’re super bored. Finally, disinfectant may be hard to find but Castile soap can still be had. This earth & vegan friendly cleaning solution can be used all over the house for nearly everything you can think of from floors to laundry and even your hair if you’ve run out of shampoo. Reminder: please don’t drink it.

Hug the Trees (Then Bring Them Inside)

If you don’t have a green thumb, then this is the perfect way to bring some greenery into your domicile for those rainy days that make quarantining sooooo much worse. Seriously, chop a couple branches down. Grab a giant vase or planter, or empty water jug and create a huge statement piece for your entryway or dining room. Just don’t put it on the coffee table, we’d hate to feel like we’re actually in the jungle while watching Tiger King.

Group a Collection

Whether you lose your marbles over marbles or blow your top when it comes to hats, we know you’ve got a secret collection of some sort hiding out at your casa! For our Carolyn it is vintage Pyrex, Jimmy is working on his limited edition vinyls and timeless sticker book, while Connie collects sterling silver. Most likely if your obsession is a useful item it is spread around the house and if it is expensive, it might even be put away somewhere safe. Now is the time shake that up a bit & group items together so that you’re surrounded by your favorite things like a visual security blanket.
Finally, if you are genuinely the fun kind of crazy and you’re going batty in your current living situation, we can help. It is, actually, what we’re here for. Well, that and the banana bread.
“You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”
- Lewis Carroll

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