New to the Triangle?

New to the Triangle?

  • Red Collective
  • 04/26/21

You Belong Here

New to the area? Just discovered the Triangle? Moving closer to family? Needed to get out of the city? Starting over? The pandemic has upended careers, relationships, and all of our collective stability, which can absolutely result in feelings of uncertainty about the future. You’re definitely not alone if you feel that way. As Realtors and long-term investors in the Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill communities, we’ve seen how economic and natural disasters change things. We’ve also seen how resiliency, creativity, and genuine love for one another can make any shock easier to absorb. As we continue to see an uptick in new faces from all over coming to the area, we thought we’d put together a little guide on our favorite ways to feel that sense of belonging we all crave.
1. Baseball: If you already know, then you know. But if you don’t know, you should get to know the Durham Bulls. Watch the film Bull Durham. Even if that’s not your cup of ice tea, go to a game. Order a funnel cake. Take a photo with Wool E the Bull and experience not only “America’s favorite pastime” but a sense of collective jubilation that is rarely matched. It’s an affordable outing perfect for solo folks, date night, or time with the kids (even the dog is invited sometimes) and after a very long hiatus, we can’t wait for the fireworks and home runs to return. Here’s a link to buy your tickets.
2. REDTalks: From late Autumn to early Spring we host a six part series of talks on a variety of subjects from design to self improvement and home life. These events are always free, lately on zoom, and open to all! We’d love to have you join us so stay in the know via signing up for our mailing list or visiting our Eventbrite page.
3. Parks & Rec: This area is 100% known for our great parks and places for recreation of all sorts. We highly recommend making some friends on the Haw River by renting a kayak in Saxapahaw or taking a picnic to one of Raleigh’s amazing parks like Dorothea Dix or Pullen (where the kids can always find happiness on the carousel).
4. Take a Tour: Shared interests = connection. Whether it is a garden tour of the arboretum or a means to learn about your new home at the Duke Homestead, all around the area there are genius tour guides just waiting to share their abundance of knowledge with others and many of these activities are being held online as well!
5. Creative Mornings: There is never a shortage of amazing business owners, artists, and thought leaders that contribute to these conversations every Friday. When they’re in person, they’re at CAM in Raleigh and the environment is one that definitely gets our seal of approval.
6. Cowork: If you’re a remote worker, building a community is extra hard. Thankfully, there are plenty of safe spots to rent a desk or an office. In Downtown Durham check out the locally owned LOCALE 321.
7. Get to Know Your Barista, Bartender, &/or Realtor: These people are ALWAYS the best connectors for anything and everything. For instance, our Alison can tell you the best bouldering spots in Western NC while Brad can give you all the home buying and cocktail making tips alongside Chelsea who can even tell you which native make great drink garnishments. Susan Rains is a terrific foodie and with Nico’s design aesthetic, you’ll never not know where to get the trendiest items for your home. They are basically an endless source of referrals and if your RED contact doesn’t have a resource, we have a group text thread that will!
8. Play Games: Join the city’s recreational soccer league or simply start a poker night with your neighbors. Competition can be exhilarating and lead to laughter and camaraderie in a way that nothing else can.
9. Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve: You know that moment when you catch someone wearing something you also own and you feel an instant connection? Whether it’s an ACC team hat (RED is a house divided so we can’t say which one), or an Edith Grey brand t-shirt, wearing your causes, favorites, or even support of a local band can help signal to those around you that you have common interests. On the flip side, wearing your gear from other spots you’ve lived may also help you connect with alumni, fellow transplants, and travelers!
10. Volunteer: In her book “Belong”, powerhouse founder of so many rad businesses we can’t even begin to mention them, Radha Agrawal says: “Belonging is the opposite of loneliness. It’s a feeling of home, of “I can exhale here and be fully myself with no judgment or insecurity.” Belonging is about shared values and responsibility, and the desire to participate in making your community better. It’s about taking pride, showing up, and offering your unique gifts to others. You can’t belong if you only take.” So pick a passion: affordable housing, animal rights, there are loads of spots where your shared activism will not only do good for others, but also feed your soul. For instance, the LGBTQ+ center in Durham.
As always, if you are hosting an event for newcomers to the area or if you have more ideas about ways we can help everyone feel welcome, send us an email: [email protected]
Remember: you belong here.

Work With Us

At RED, we feel it is important to stay engaged with our community. That is why we are committed to prioritizing volunteer opportunities and also offer a portion of our annual sales income to local nonprofits in the Triangle. Please contact us to learn more.

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