Travel Destinations

Travel Destinations

  • Red Collective
  • 05/10/21

Post Covid

If you have a little meander through social media, it isn’t difficult to find a myriad of places to add to your travel bucket list for when this era is a bygone one. While we’re not apt to hop on a plane (or even take our masks off) just yet, we learned while in quarantine last year that the mere act of daydreaming about a trip gives your brain a hit of serotonin. So let’s start the flight searching, the virtual wardrobe planning, and the vacation vibes playlist making, shall we?
New Zealand: they have a, nah THE, woman in charge - need we say more? But also Rugby!
Iceland: easy to get to and perfect for nature lovers plus HOT SPRINGS.
Norway: modernist furniture, fjords, Viking history, and if you’ve ever flown on any Scandinavian airline, you’ll know that they have the best bread, the weirdest meat, and the comfiest of seats.
Israel: the place where Bauhaus style works the best, the desert is calling! NOTE: this post was written prior to the renewal of fighting between Israel & Palestine. Please exercise caution in all your excursions and visit the State Department’s website for up to date advice on foreign travel.
Hawaii: it doesn’t even matter which island you go to, they’re all paradise, right?
Before we leave you to adventure into your own #TravelInspo exploration, three important things to note:
1. These areas fared well partially because of their travel restrictions. Make sure you know all the ins and outs of their policies well in advance and right up to the day of travel.
2. Hopefully this goes without saying but be conscientious of your germs and antibodies. The last thing we want to do when traveling abroad is be “those Americans”.
3. If you have been waiting to honeymoon or plan a wedding. the locally owned resource TRAVELER’s JOY helps you register for memories instead of silly blenders and if we’ve learned anything in the time of Corona, it is just how vital magical moments are.

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