What Conveys

What Conveys

  • Red Collective
  • 11/25/20

You Can|Cannot Take It With You

Are you in love with a chandelier from one of our latest listings? Or you’re wondering if leaving your washer and dryer behind means you can get a new one along with the new digs? Knowing what conveys and what doesn’t in a buy|sell situation is sometimes a difficult part of the process to maneuver.


Fixtures convey with the home, personal property does not. But what does that really mean?!? A fixture is something that is affixed to a house. So all the lighting, all the curtain rods, and all the built-ins PLUS some appliances like ovens and dishwashers have to stay put. The washer, dryer, and refrigerator (because they are not often bolted or affixed to the house) typically convey.

In prep for this post, we had a quick chat with our BIC Connie Semans and vastly experienced agent Alison Domnas. They both agreed to this great rule of thumb: if you’re selling your home and intend on taking grandma’s chandelier with you, then take it down BEFORE you list it on the market just to prevent any possible confusion.

If you’re a first time seller, our January REDTalk has been perfectly tailored just for you. Join star agent Elizabeth Barry as she talks about what conveys and all the ins and outs of selling your first house. RSVP here!

As for that new washer and dryer…have you decided what color yet?!

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