Old Blue Eyes

Old Blue Eyes

  • Red Collective
  • 02/11/21

On the Market

NC in the Winter isn’t terrible. This year there hasn’t been an ice storm like that one in 2002 where a certain member of our team busted a tailbone and thankfully none of us have been stuck on HWY 70 in bumper-to-bumper chaos like that brought on by the unexpected flurries in 2014. But, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and it is rather cold, so despite an easy weather season we’re dreaming of escaping to somewhere warm.
With palm trees.
And cool flat-roof houses.
And parties by swanky pools.
And colorful swimwear.
And good music.
And cocktails in cute glasses with colorful swizzle sticks.
And sunshine.
“Come fly with me…”
See where we’re going with this?
Yep, Palm Springs. The Rat Pack. Vintage vibes and Modernist houses that we could write adorable captions about if we were marketing them on the MLS. Colorful front doors. Sparkly laminate. Patterns in concrete. Rock gardens. Bubble lighting.
Night and day, day and night, what better way to indulge in this fantasy than to explore some of Frank Sinatra’s homes? We’d love to ring-a-ding-ding these doorbells..
Palm Springs: Designed in 1947 for Nancy Barbato (Frank’s then wife), the piano shaped pool is the cat’s meow. Arguably our favorite of his homes, despite its recent renovations, this beauty has plenty of rivals for our affections in the neighborhood...not unlike poor Nancy’s relationship with the crooner. “Twin Palms” can be rented from $2500 a night and sleeps 8. Let’s go!
Malibu: Now owned by funny girl Mindy Kaling, jeepers creepers, we hope she’s redecorated.
Los Angeles’ Chatsworth area: In 2018 a cool 12.5 million could have given you the opportunity to roam the halls of this gem. It was once Frank’s rental property and has also been used as a set for Mad Men.
New Jersey: Wait. What? Yep, you read that right. This pink deco dream was also once loved by Sinatra and Mia Farrow.
Ready to put on some Sammy Davis tunes and learn to play Blackjack like Dean Martin? Here’s a cocktail made by our very own Brad if you get no kick out of champagne, then this is certain to give you a thrill mere alcohol wouldn’t. We’re off to watch the original Ocean’s 11.

OK, so, Frank Sinatra was a notoriously cantankerous drinker. And while he would enjoy a Martini every now and again, Jack Daniel’s was his drink of choice. Specifically, two fingers of Jack Daniel’s, four ice cubes, water. This, however, makes not for a compelling home cocktail. Especially nowadays. Is anyone NOT drinking whiskey on the rocks at home? Like, all the time?
In the spirit of the Rat Pack at-large, we took Frank’s drink and goosed it a bit. First, we pitched the Jack Daniel’s. It was a fine choice for Frank; but with so many choices in the whiskey rainbow, we’re going to substitute it with Suntory Toki Japanese whisky. If you can afford Yamazaki 12yr, use that. But for us regular folks, Toki is just right. This is a riff on a Manhattan, a suitable winter-y Rat Pack-worthy tipple, we like to call, Tokyo Drift.
2 oz Suntory Toki Japanese whisky
1 oz sweet vermouth (Cocchi vermouth di Torino)
1/2 oz Cardamaro (found at your local fine wine shop)
1 tsp Liquore Strega (available at most ABC stores)
Add the above to a mixing glass; fill with ice; stir for a good 12 Mississippi seconds; strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon peel and discard.

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