Design Advice

Design Advice

  • Red Collective
  • 10/20/20

Superfluous Shelfies

What’s a “shelfie” you ask? A combo of selfie & shelf; it is quite simply your personal sill, the spot where your books lie, where your treasures are stored and potentially where you show off your design skills. Why superfluous? Because when it comes to this particular subject “so extra” is the name of our game.
In this segment of design advice, we’ve pulled together our hottest tips and tricks. Follow along and try one or try them all and tag us in your social media post so we can share the ledge love.

1. Color Guide

Rainbows everywhere please. . .

2. Start a Collection

Items look better when grouped together, it is a truth universally acknowledged. Just remember that the odds have it so position items in squads of 3, 5, 7, 9, etc. . .

3. Have a Spine

Keep in mind how a big book can make a big statement or a collection of similar spines can succinctly show your interests. (Thanks to Carolyn for this one!)

4. Draw or Photograph It, Then Step Away

Do something else. Come back to it later with a new set of eyes and a new vision for what’s next. When designing, don’t rush & realize it is never really “done”. (Thanks Jeffrey)

5. Neutralize

Whether you turn the spines out or just approach with a tan and cream color scheme, one beige hue alone will allow color and patter elsewhere in your room to POP!

6. Don’t Over-complicate It

Shelves are often perfect with books and books alone. Well that and liquor bottles…

7. Plants Please!

Can you ever have too many? The answer is NO. But be sure to take care of them! A dead or dying plant can totally ruin the look of an otherwise precisely perfect shelf. Having that said, if your thumbs aren’t green, that’s ok! Style with empty vases that can be filled from time to time with either dried or real flowers - creating life and constantly changing visual interest.

8. Make Use of It

Pretty is as pretty does, right? Use shelves as storage spaces for either daily or infrequent use items., not merely a decorative means of collecting dust.
Still not happy with the results? Need a second set of eyes or help to de-personalize before selling? We’re here for you! Send us an email to [email protected] and set up a design or pre-selling appointment!
PS: all of these photos and more live on our Pinterest SHELFIE board so visit there for detailed attributions and links to original sources (plus more inspo).
PSS: we recently listed a house that was christened “Stuart Stunner” and the various architectural shelving options in this particular home made us SO happy!
Happy planning friends.

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