New Years Goals

New Years Goals

  • Red Collective
  • 12/31/20

2021 is Here!!!

Every year about this time we begin to be inundated with advice on New Year’s resolutions – how to set them, how to keep them, how to hold each other accountable and how to, generally, be happier. But you know what they say about “best laid plans” and wow did a lot go astray in 2020 or what?! Did you finally perfect that perfect sourdough starter? Did you quit smoking for good to save your lungs? Or did you take on new and unexpected habits like bedtime at 8, gardening, pilates, or learning to surf?
With another year on the horizon, instead of the usual goal list, we thought we’d share a few random and unique (but super low pressure) ideas for 2021. Maybe you’ll do them, maybe you won’t, but at least the process will have been jump started – that’s half the fun after all.

1. Take Up Belly Dancing

Ok, so maybe shaking your middle bits isn’t your thing but did you know Durham’s Ninth Street Dance has 10-week online classes for just $100 or $12 for a drop-in? Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Afro-Caribbean, Broadway Workout, and Bollywood await your Jazz hands and two left feet!

2. Read A Book A Month For The Whole year

Make Oprah proud or perhaps go with Obama’s “Best Of” or join in on your kid’s summer reading list, regardless of how you choose we’re huge proponents of NOT FINISHING a book if you can’t get into it, that way you’re never stuck for months without reading anything.
While you’re at it, check out our SHELFIES board on Pinterest for design inspiration + displaying how well-read you are.

3. Become An Origami Master

At some point mid-way through quarantine #2 of 2020, this website somehow presented itself. A simple, peaceful, and no mess craft for all ages that brings joy to all ages, if you figure out how to do the unicorn then please send us one!
Which brings us to our next life goal. . .

4. Bring Back Snail Mail

Honestly, who does not love going to the mailbox and finding a card or a letter or small gift from a friend or relative instead of just another bill or coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond? Send a photo (actually printed, here’s a good site for that), or a bookmark, a lucky penny, or just a postcard from somewhere you hope to go. If you run out of ideas, this organization can send you prompts for letter writing and empathy nurturing the old-fashioned pen, paper, and stamp way!

5. Learn To Sew

Sewing is a handy skill that always seems useful but especially so when you can’t get to the tailor’s and the buttons on your favorite sweater are hanging on by a thread (kind of like your pre-election sanity). For the fellas we love Male Pattern Boldness (especially check out his new flight suit) and if you really want to take a deep dive into wardrobe essentials for the revolution, this site will make you giggle.

6. Listen To an Entire Oeuvre By One Musical Artist

Chet Baker anyone? Cull those Spotify playlists and binge Ken Burn’s documentary. Want to know more than just Tom Petty’s greatest hits? We highly recommend anything other than Mary Jane’s Last Dance for that road trip to Grandma’s. Not understanding why we’re obsessed with Jay-Z? Start with the Black Album and work your way backwards. Again, Obama’s lists of faves is a great place to start. Or maybe dig in deep to a local band or artist like Object Hours, Chris Stamey (with our very own Kirsten Lambert), or Sylvan Esso.

7. Become Bartender Of The Year (In Your House).

This applies even if you’ve given up drinking or you live alone because the world definitely needs more no alcohol cocktails! If you’ve mastered the French 75 or the most magnificent Manhattan, please send us a batch. We have some recipes already awaiting your magic on Pinterest.
And for those of you who are simply too exhausted to become a mixologist (think healthcare workers, waitstaff, parents, teachers, etc.), you’re in luck because the state of NC just passed a law saying we can get takeout drinks from restaurants! Look out Monterrey, we’re coming for your margaritas.

8. Find A Charity Or Non-profit And Become Its Biggest Fan.

Singing “I get by with a little help from my friends” find out who is on their board & connect with them on LinkedIn. Share all their posts to help their work go viral. Give. Do the work. Tell others. Spread hope.
A few local ones we love:
North Carolina Arts In Action
Visual Arts Exchange
LGBTQ Center of Durham
The Green Chair Project
And when you need a rest from all that, take up the next one too. . .

9. Go Fishing.

10. Learn How To Fold A Fitted sheet. And While You’re At It, Become A Witch (Because Only Witches Can Really Do That).

And one last one for good measure:

11. Delete All Your Emails And Start over.

WHAAAAAATTTT?!?! Did you read that correctly?!?!? Yes, yes you did. In fact, this is a genuine recommendation from our favorite life & career coach Shannon Salentine. She says to delete or folder everything so you can start the year clear headed (or at least fake it). Our emails are a part of life that are never done, there will always be one more coming in. If that intimidates you or makes you anxious, simply sort them by sender and move to varying folders, starting with the ones you HAVE to get back to. Don’t stress over the things you delete from your inbox, they’re not really gone. Unsubscribe from things you don’t read and maybe consider #4 for personal correspondence with a little more charm and a little less screen.
Dara: Spend less time on the phone and spend that time learning how to fold a fitted sheet instead
Alva: Stop buying fast fashion forever (unless it is second hand), yoga every day, learn how to be a witch from Dara)
Susan U: Listen. Don't believe everything I think. Use the 5-4-3-2-1 technique for mindfulness.
Jimmy: Become proficient at wheel thrown pottery and continue to learn Spanish
Jane: Read more, sew more, buy less and make more instead. . .and maybe learn the banjo
Allie: Push-ups every single day and take up drawing again
Chloe: Continue with my meditation practice, work on being present and more patient. Carve out more time to be in the studio.
What are your goals for 2021 (after that vaccine, obvs)?!?!?

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