Local Love

Local Love

  • Red Collective
  • 06/26/19

Evoke Studio

When one visits Evoke, you know from the second you walk in that this firm is different from your average architectural business. These folks radiate excitement about what they’re creating, the change they’re inducing, and the people they enjoy working alongside. Our Susan U met the firm’s founders Edwin, Teri and Billy when they all worked for Freelon Architecture (where they tell me she was the world’s greatest model-maker, who knew!?) Clearly they all made an impression on one another and we couldn’t be more stoked to share a few of their recent projects with you, our design-loving audience. While the firm’s work can be found in Houston, Atlanta, and Washington DC many of their current projects are set to become part of NC’s built oeuvre. Take a look at a few of their renderings below and visit their website to see what other buildings you may recognize!

Nestled in between Durham’s downtown and Central Park districts (right next to RISE biscuits), the Evoke Architecture Studio is a light-filled space overflowing with creative output and spatial-transforming energy. Susan U says: “It's certainly no surprise that such a thoughtful and talented trio would create an absolute architectural powerhouse. Now if only we could convince them to dip their toe in residential from time to time...”

If only indeed! In a locale like NC, already known for having a history of architectural movers and shakers from Eduardo Catalano to Frank Harmon, this small but mighty firm is well on its way to greatness and we couldn’t be happier to call them friends.

Visit www.evokestudio.com for more views of their work and follow them on Instagram too!

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